Client Feedback Tools

Client survey tools to get real-time feedback and actionable insights.

Survey your clients for real-time insights with client feedback tools.

A client’s relationship with your firm is an important connection that needs sustained stewardship to blossom.

Feedback is what tells you if the relationship is growing in the right direction, whether it’s getting enough nutrients, or where critical adjustments need to be made.

Our client feedback tools let you survey your clients and gather valuable insights about their relationship with you. Investing time in this area shows them you are wholly committed to ensuring their satisfaction, and in return they can offer you observations to help your business grow.


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Did you know...

1 %
of clients say acting on feedback is important to their relationships with firms
1 %
of clients would prefer to receive more surveys more than they currently do
1 %
of clients report that the firms they use are not focussed on their needs

How do our client feedback tools work?

Our surveys can be sent at any stage of the client journey. This can be after onboarding a new client, mid-project, or after the conclusion of a project. We can also collect feedback on your proposals and bids to help you identify why you win or lose opportunities.

We collaborate closely with you to ensure our solution is fit-for-purpose and works with your processes. No cookie-cutter solutions here!

Using our decades of experience gathering feedback, we can offer advice on how to develop a client listening program that works, is used, and is properly governed.

Key features of our client feedback tools:

Real-time feedback

Get notified instantly each time a survey is completed

Interactive dashboard results

Web and app based dashboards allow you to drill down and filter results any way you want

Tracking results

View trends over time and see the fruits of your efforts come to life

Action issues

Flag items for follow-up, assign cases to colleagues and record outcomes – all within your dashboards

Who do we do it for?

We collaborate closely with decision-makers and executives in firms across the globe. Our work is highly focused on firms in the accounting and management consulting, law, built and natural environment consulting, and IP specialist professions.

Why trust us with your client feedback tools?

For over 35 years we have been the Voice of your Clients specialists. Our tools and surveys are designed specifically for professional services. We use language that you and your clients will understand. The insights you get will be tailored for you to maximise actionability.

Our surveys offer your firm the opportunity to improve on your shortcomings. In today’s connected world, clients have more opportunities available to them, which gives them leverage to trial others that might be in opposition to you. If these prove successful, they can quickly move to your competitors. With inside and immediate insight into what your clients need and want, you can retain more clients, improve CX, which in turn helps you grow.

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