The importance of measuring client feedback in business

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You may have heard the phrase what gets measured gets done.

Professional services firms measure and report on many things related to their financial performance. But how often are you measuring and tracking your clients’ satisfaction?

The importance of measuring clients response to strategies

Today’s professional services market is incredibly competitive. Being the best means constantly assessing your clients’ needs and satisfaction against your competition, and improving your strategies and processes to remain the best.

But to really be successful, you also need to measure how clients respond to the strategies you are implementing.

How can you do that? Use Beaton Debrief. This is a real-time client feedback tool that asks client decision-makers and users how they feel about your service on a given project. It can survey them at the beginning, milestones and end of the project.

Measuring client satisfaction at regular intervals means you can track how client views are changing over time. 

Perhaps your client satisfaction scores are going up – great! That strategy or process seems to be working.

Are they going down? Not good. You need to reassess and take action. See the effect of your strategy in real-time.

And here’s where Beaton Debrief really shines – it will identify exactly why and in what areas of service clients are dissatisfied. So, your team can react and improve in those areas.

Is the client frustrated with your lack of contact? Poor communication letting the team down? Beaton Debrief will score you very specifically – and give you the information you need to advise relevant team members to up their game.

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