Client experience or CX has been a major buzzword in professional services in recent years. And for good reason.

Your clients are at the core of everything you do. They are your reason for being, so naturally all firms want their experience to be good.

But what is CX? Why does CX matter? Our research tells us that CX is more than just technical expertise and service standards. It is a holistic understanding of what it is like for clients to work with you, through all points across (and after!) the client journey and through all levels of your firm from senior executives to your accounts team.

Moving on CX requires transformation for it to be effective.

Did you know...

1 %
of clients with high CX say they are likely to use that firm for other services
1 %
of clients report they have selected a firm because it has a client-centric culture
1 %
of clients say the firms they use are not easy to do business with

How do we approach client experience transformation?

We think about CX across four layers in professional services firms: your service delivery, your processes and technologies, your people, and your leadership and culture.

As we collaborate with you to find the best transformational opportunities for your firm, we help you build a client-centric culture that consistently delivers across the entire client journey.

Once built into the business, it becomes the way that you operate, always focusing on your services, people, culture, and processes from a CX point of view.

Our CX services include:

CX surveys

Get quantitative CX data to set baselines to measure progress.

Client journey mapping

Uncover the hows and whys of CX transformation.

CX strategy planning

Transformation begins at the top with a mandate from your leadership.

Best practice client relationship management

Build client-centricity into your firm.

Who do we do it for?

CX transformation is something that happens as a result of methodically assessing and improving the client journey. With extensive experience working in the legal, IP specialist, accounting, management consulting, built and environmental consulting industries, we can easily identify solutions for executives and decision-makers wanting to begin their CX journey.

Why trust us with your CX transformation?

Our team has over 150 years’ experience working in or with professional services. We know intimately what it is like to work in firms like yours and the nuances of change management. Let us support your CX transformation.

Excellent CX is one of the greatest drivers for repeat purchase and strong referrals. By improving your CX, a knock-on effect occurs that helps you retain more clients, improve their experience of working with you, and increase their willingness to recommend your firm and help you grow.

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