Knowing where you stand in a sea of competitors is the first step towards finding your strategic leverage.

With competitor benchmarking, you can analyse your performance against your key competitors, using their successes and pitfalls to point you in the right direction for improvement.

Watch. Learn. And then do it all again… but do it better.

How do we benchmark competitors?

Since 2003, we have conducted an annual, large-scale survey on B2B users of professional services firms. Tens of thousands of clients provide feedback on their firms’ service performance.

This is the only comprehensive dataset of independent client insights, benchmarking, and tracking available on the market. It is a source of exponential growth for firms we work with as it directs them on how to lead and differentiate client service.

Key stats about our dataset...

1 k
ratings in our dataset
1 +
firms' data collected
1 yrs
tracking data

If there are sufficient ratings for your organisation in our dataset we can produce a competitor intelligence report for you straight away.

If not, we will work with you to survey your clients using our established, independent, and trusted measurement model.

This will get you the data you need to benchmark yourself to your competitors.

Our competitor benchmarking reveals:

Client service performance

Head-to-head comparisons on CX with key competitors.

Net Promoter Score

See how promoters and detractors vary in the market.

Pricing competitiveness

Discover your firm’s relative value to clients.

Drivers of client satisfaction

Identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors.

Download a sample report

To see an example of a Beaton competitor benchmarking report and get an idea of the breadth of data that is available, simply click the button below, fill in your details and your copy will be emailed to you straight away.


Who do we benchmark?

We do it for you, our trusted clients, whose firms and organisations service the key decision makers in multinationals, small businesses, and government. We have a key focus and ample experience in the industries of accounting and management consulting, law, built and natural environment consulting, and IP specialists.

Why trust us with your competitor benchmarking?

There are many client feedback tools available that firms use to manage their in-house client listening. While there is nothing wrong with these tools, our solutions give you access to the feedback your competitors are receiving via our tested, world-class measurement model.

The benefit of this is thorough and in-depth analysis that can be measured across multiple verticals and metrics. You can use this information to build out new pricing models, create extended service offerings, or to refine your strategy. There are no limits to what you can do once you have the data to support your growth.

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