How do you price your services without coming in too high to be out of reach, or too low to sell your services short?

Finding that sweet spot maximises client satisfaction and profitability. Pricing decisions and models are an integral part of your firm’s strategy. You need to be able to demonstrate value, while at the same time reflecting commerciality.

Beaton works with firms to optimise their pricing strategy and execution delivering immediate ROI. Our approach combines research on value and pricing with our experience managing client expectations and communication.

Did you know...

1 %
of clients say price is a key driver when selecting a firm
1 %
of clients on average are prepared to pay more for the service they receive from firms
1 %
of clients of the best-in-class firm are prepared to pay more – the highest we have on record

What is our pricing consulting approach?

We help you develop the appropriate pricing strategies that will deliver value for both you and your clients. Our data informs our advice on what clients value most.

Together, we work through detailed processes to develop a pricing strategy that is sustainably profitable. We equip you with the relevant skills that enable you to respond when clients push back on price or ask for discounts.

Our pricing consulting includes:

Defining value propositions

Identifying the key benefits you bring and how to communicate them.

Negotiating price and discounts

Learn the skills to manage the trade-off between growth and profitability, and monetise scope creep.

Pricing strategy reviews

Let us audit your pricing approach and documentation and recommend profitable ways forward.

Finding price-setting discretion

Know where you can lift your rates and where you face competitive price-down pressure.

Who do we do it for?

Our pricing consulting solution is ideal for firms in the built and environmental consulting, accounting, management consulting, IP specialists and legal industries. We are experienced in the intricacies of pricing in professional services firms and intimately understand the different pricing models used in the sector.

Why trust our pricing consulting solution?

Your firm will be able to achieve growth targets as you learn to develop and articulate your value proposition. You will be able to maximise your profits by understanding where to focus on volume, routine work, and where to grow into more large and complex work. We work with you to develop an evidence-based pricing strategy and generate profits and growth.

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Start you pricing journey now

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