Introducing Beaton Debrief, our online client survey tool​

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When was the last time you asked a client – “How are things going on this project?”

“From your side, are there any issues we should know about?” “In what ways can we improve?”

My name is Paul Hugh-Jones and I’m a partner at Beaton – an industry-leading research and consulting business with a 35+ year track record of assisting high-performing professional services firms.

At Beaton, we pride ourselves on helping firms improve client retention, boost referrals, and grow their businesses.

But we also have a tool that empowers you to do all of that on your own.

Introducing Beaton Debrief, one of our client feedback tools

Introducing Beaton Debrief, a unique client feedback platform that puts the power in your hands.

With a few clicks, the platform sends out surveys created with Beaton’s rigour and extensive research experience, to ask your clients how they feel about your firm’s performance on a project.

Perhaps you are an engineering firm working on a multi-year project. Or a law firm in complex litigation. Debrief will survey your clients at the end, or in the middle, of the project – as often as you like.

Client not happy? Debrief will instantly alert you with a red flag email straight to your inbox. This details the client ratings on your areas of service and will include any open text feedback for you to read and action.

On the other hand – perhaps a client is absolutely thrilled with your service! Debrief will notify you – and tell you exactly what you did right.

The best part is it’s all available at your fingertips on this easy-to-use platform. Simply log in, filter for areas of service and types of clients, to really drill down into your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Interested? Talk to me, or any of our Beaton team to find out more.

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