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Have you ever lost a client to a competitor firm?

Some may think clients “moving on” is an inevitable part of being in professional services.

It doesn’t have to be.  In most cases, it’s a completely avoidable scenario.

Paul Hugh-Jones, partner at Beaton introduces you to our newest tool for improving client relationships, increasing their satisfaction, and avoiding loss of clients – Beaton Debrief.

Using Beaton Debrief, you can survey your clients with the click of a button – both during and after a project.  There’s no need to wait for your annual relationship reviews or for a partner to visit the client and speak with one stakeholder. Beaton Debrief lets you survey all stakeholders and as soon as your clients respond, the feedback arrives at your fingertips via this easy-to-use online dashboard.

If any of your clients provide poor scores on your firm’s service, Beaton Debrief will notify you with a “red flag”.  

See a red flag?  Don’t see it as bad news. A red flag is an opportunity. This means your firm can take action before it’s too late.

When firms use this system to follow up with unhappy clients, they can find a solution and rectify problems.

One firm using Beaton Debrief told us their red flag alert initiated a meeting with a dissatisfied client. That client had a contract on their desk, ready to go to a competitor firm. By the end of the discussion, the client had torn up the contract and resolved to stick with the incumbent firm.

We know projects can get busy, and seeking feedback requires time and resources you may not have to spare. Let Beaton Debrief do the hard work for you. Manage your client relationships better with the system that won’t forget them.

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