Inbound Social Media

More than clickbait: The opportunities of social media are real

As social media channels consolidate from mass appeal to a core user base, they undergo an evolution from broadcast medium to digital content platforms. Increasingly, clients are turning to these platforms as avenues for finding information of professional interest, the sources of which become candidates for their organisation’s business.

In the current marketplace, many firms are not even on social media, let alone be in a position to fully leverage the opportunities afforded by a platform. There is little guidance for firms’ use of social media and how to best develop their digital strategies. What content is most appealing? How do firms maximise engagement and secure the network effects that brings? On which platforms and channels should firms focus?

This social media and inbound digital marketing research from Beaton answers these questions and more!

This report explains…

  • Which digital content platforms clients use most for business and personal use
  • How often they use digital content platforms
  • Clients’ and prospects’ preferences on digital content consumption
  • The purposes for which they use different digital content platforms
  • Which platforms are considered most credible and receive highest engagement
  • The platforms on which clients have seen digital advertising and their effectiveness

This report helps you…

  • Assess the effectiveness of your current social media and digital content strategies
  • Understand how clients and prospects are using technology
  • Target your digital investments in the platforms that maximise returns
  • Implement a diversified growth strategy with both organic content and sponsored content in the most relevant channels
  • Improve your communications on each digital content platform to increase engagement with your market