Amanda Shaw, CRM and Digital Marketing Lead

Amanda joined the Beaton family as our CRM and Digital Marketing Lead 2023. 

Digital marketing is Amanda’s, second love. With more than a decade’s experience in all things online and veins that run with full sugar cola, Amanda will turbo-charge the delivery of Beaton’s digital ambitions. She is responsible for digital strategies, marketing automation, CRM management, and ensuring Beaton’s insights reach the audiences we want to help grow.

Amanda comes to Beaton having successfully co-founded a boutique SEO firm during the COVID-19 pandemic, where she helped small businesses improve online traffic and inquiries, particularly in the legal and B2B industries. She kicked off her career in brand management 20 years ago and, having been there at the birth of digital marketing as we know it today, has helped many businesses digitally transform and helped build them from the ground up in an online-only world.

Amanda’s first love is wildlife, specifically birds, and if your guard is down, she will happily tell you all about them without you asking. When she is not driving Beaton’s online marketing, she can be found volunteering at WIRES, Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation.